2009-09-09 00:41:49 by cRAVE01

I have a working computer to call my own! New song/songs will be up w/in the week!


2009-06-18 14:48:14 by cRAVE01

So, my laptop has finally succumbed to viruses after a good run of two full years. I am currently trying to get the bugs worked out, but for the time being, all projects are on hold (D-M, you got that .wav just in the nick of time. lucky ;-) ).

SO yeah, hope to be back into music-making business, but in the meantime I will still be checking here for the chance reviews ^__^;

Enjoying one's work . . .

2009-06-03 06:17:34 by cRAVE01

There is a DKC2 song that has been loved and adored by gamer and musician alike since the game's release. It has been remixed by many people, and there are many excellent ReMixes of it. As soon as I had decided that I was going to attempt to cover all the original tracks of the DKC2 OST - this song was unavoidable. A trance-head as I am, my take on the song would be different from many other remixes, but I absolutely did not want to make a ReMix of this beautiful song that was half-fannied. It had to sound good, be atmospheric, energiezed like only techno can, and something you could dance to!

After 4 or 5 attempts over the last two years that left me feeling I had miserably fallen short of this goal, I am finishing up my 6th attempt at this song, and I can say I am satisfied with the overall turnout. It's not the progressive-house genre I love to aim for, but it is hands down the best-sounding ReMix of this song I have made in a LONG while. There is still some tweeks here and there on some notes, EQing ( '_' as always) and stereo-seperation to be done.

But I expect to have this song up and running here in the next day or two . . .

Enjoying one's work . . .

It has been an awesome first half of '09!

2009-04-25 13:30:28 by cRAVE01

So, thought I would put up a post since my last one was at the beginning of the year. Thought I'd show off my current project as well. I have been slaving over it to rewarding results. Really aiming to make something that sounds professional, ya know!? Working on synth-synthesis, which can be difficult w/ some VSTs . . . but ya do whatcha can. Also trying to automate a lot more panning on more instruments.

Phew, lots of work compared to what I've done before! But I know it's gonna be worth it - as it has thus far!

Also(on a tremendously positive note), I've been having personal development in character growth that I've been desiring and finding peace with painful things in life - and I can honestly say that right now: I feel the best I've felt in over a year.

Keep a look out for Swim Up, or . . . at least demo of it. Can't decide if this is something I wanna put up for free or break the "make some money on my music" cherry.

***EDIT*** ok, so I finished it and put it up.

It has been an awesome first half of '09!

It's been a long, tiresome, but rewarding year. Growth that was not fun, but desparetelt needed happended this year, and music has been my outlet of creative expression, energies, frustrations, hurts AND joys throughout the year.

Many thanks and appreciations to everyone here on NG who helped me improve my creative talents and believed in me ^_^ You are not underappreciated one bit.

It's been a great 2008 - no rhyme intended . . .

Expanding Skills

2008-09-28 21:56:41 by cRAVE01

YEY! I am starting to really get a hang of the things I can do on FL. Big projects that have been very rewarding to make are on the way - I can't put them up yet - and I am excited to show them to peoples so they can enjoy it.

I've moved off to college and the Wi-Fi at the dorm has rediculously low bandwith and on top of that -since I am off at a bible college - the server has NewGrounds blocked : \ understandably tho. But it's oka because it gives me an excuse to get out of my dorm and go into the real world to a coffee shop that has free Wi-Fi. Actually, I question how "free" the Wi-Fi is when I have to buy at least $5 of product before I can really jump onto their Wi-Fi w/o them frowning at me : ' . . . never the less, it helps me meet my wishes to stay involved in this community and the awesome peoples here.

God Bless to all, and thank you for taking the time to read this if you have. Below is my current WiP project that I am very excited to see finished ^_^

Expanding Skills

hmmm music makin' an lisen'n

2008-05-13 00:46:54 by cRAVE01

So, I've decided that listening to DJ Tiesto is a double edged sword. On one side of it, his music is truely at the pinacle of trance-ological talent (if I have the room to make up a word) and certainly has given me ideas to try the next time I sit down with the "good" ol' FL. On the OTHER side of that sword, my stuff SUCKS by comparison. Only naturally, tho. But his "input" "influence" i'm not quite sure what passive adjective roll he is playing in this . . . but some of my stuff will DEFENITELY be better with it ^_^

Music is FUN again!

hmm yes, here is a picture of my typing this post . . .

hmmm music makin' an lisen'n


2008-04-21 11:33:59 by cRAVE01

So I finally downloaded FL8 and I think Fruity Dance is one of the most entertaining things on FL. Just thought I would put that out there ^_^


2008-02-11 18:03:04 by cRAVE01

Well, I just finished a 40 day fast and I have a new focus on my music. It helped me to realize that I had been taking the negative scores and critizisms my pieces were recieving too much to heart, and it was causing me to enjoy the process of making music less, to the point that making music no longer had its original purpose for me. To be an enjoyable, expressive outlet for my creativity in which I can glorify the only thing in my life worth glorifying. I realized that the audience at NG (while you all give feed-back, which is never a bad thing) is not my target audience. It'll probably be a while before I make anymore VG remixes . . . I honestly don't know if I ever will again.

But until then, any music I put up, I will put up after I am allowed to put it up. Some things are so special you keep them between yourself and the person you made it for. Ya know?

hmm . . . what else. meh, I am glad to be back and glad to be making music again! ^_____^