Entry #9


2009-09-09 00:41:49 by cRAVE01

I have a working computer to call my own! New song/songs will be up w/in the week!


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2009-12-29 21:20:03

hey this is wowmaster, i read ur message, yes plz notify me when ur done.

cRAVE01 responds:

Bro, please remind me what song you had interest in being updated for (it may very well already be done!).

And I am SO VERY SORRY to respond years late. I've been away from NGs ... :-/


2010-12-15 21:10:43

A quick post... I don't see you on here much... Anyways I wanted to thank you for recommending FL-STudio to me. It has helped me alot, I mean just look at what I have done, You literally were a friend and a good stepping stone to get where I am now. BTW, I am really beginning to miss your reviews as well as your songs. What happened?

cRAVE01 responds:

Bro. You are so very welcome!

And I am glad you have enjoyed FL.

As for my lack of activity on NGs, I kinda started to feel like I was outgrowing the site. It was a great place to start. I met great people that taught me a lot, some people that tore me down and taught me that I make this music first and foremost for myself, and even met some crazy blokes to teach myself ;-) But I started to get the notion that NGs was first and foremost a site for flash producers, and the music portal was merely an ends to their needs. I wanted something a bit more tailored to a musician.

So I am over on soundcloud these days, and it's not a bad deal. Altho nothing beats NG's infinite uploads :-/ :-) I'll have to check out a couple of your songs and see how you've developed your music :-)