2016 Submissions

DKC2 Mix Teaser 2 Trance Song
DKC2 Mix Teaser Trance Song
DKC2 - Haunted Tracks Video Game Song
Uplifting-ish WiP - 2 Trance Song
Uplifting-ish WiP Trance Song

2014 Submissions

DKC2 - ReskYou Trance Song
Spiritual Plane Trance Song
40 Loop Trance Loop

2013 Submissions

Close Demo Trance Song
Allswell D2 Trance Song
Allswell Trance Song

2012 Submissions

Aeyr Loop Ambient Loop
Horizon Demo Trance Song
DKC2 - I wanna be Bayou Video Game Song
Eisdechomai - Demo House Song
Housy wip House Song

2010 Submissions

The Morning Light Trance Song
There is Always Tomorrow Trance Song
DKC3 - Over the Edge Trance Song
-The-Effect- Trance Song
His Voice Trance Song
DKC2-Krook Video Game Song
Kitty Rave Trance Loop
DKC - No Fear Trance Song
dedman (wip) Trance Song
JustForDancing(wip) Trance Song
Blitz(WiP) Trance Song
ComeBack(full) Trance Song
The Happy Itch Techno Song
Pkmntcg-elitematchremixwip Video Game Song
Drive to Relaxation Miscellaneous Loop
pkmn-Opensessa-Buena Video Game Song
DKC2-Enchanted Video Game Loop
Rest Loop Techno Loop
Ape Escape - Claim That Castle Video Game Song
cRAVEmix2 Trance Song
Touch That Star - WiP Trance Song
cRAVEmix1 Trance Song
Club Demo Trance Song
LoD-SoLongSeles-NGcut Video Game Song
DKC2-KrookedStomp2MaBeat Video Game Song
HoldMe2009Cut Trance Song
Evera Trance Song
DKC2-TranceMine Video Game Song
Dkc2rmx-teaser Trance Song
DKC2-Honey Trance Song
DKC2-K()4s73R Trance Song
DKC2-Fanfare2Kroolty(KlubaMix) Hip Hop - Modern Song
TrustMe-RuthieKing(cRAVEmix) Dance Song
More Morrowind Trance Song
Industrial Worship House Song
DKC2 - Brambles Ressurection Trance Song
DKC - Trance Frenzy(WiP) Trance Song
The Song of Heaven. Techno Song
DKC3- SwimUp Trance Song
WorshipOfTomorrow-Trance Trance Song
DKC2-ThisWoodBeTrance Trance Song
I will Always Remember You Classical Song
Dkc2- Shipdecktechnopreview Trance Song
RainofGod4ever Trance Song
KT. Update Trance Song
Your Look Takes my Breath Away Miscellaneous Song
Hero inspired Trance Song
A Perfect Field Classical Song
DKC2- Smells like Swamp Trance Song
Dkc2 - LiquidHotMagma Trance Song
The Peace of Knowing Ambient Loop
DKC2- Calm Lava Video Game Song
NeverWander House Song
Death of Brambles Video Game Song
House-cRAVE- House Song
Always Greener Techno Song
Proskyneo WiP w/ update Techno Song
Always Greener WiP Trance Song
Now is not the Time to Quit Classical Loop
Hold Me NG Cut Trance Song
Contemplation Loop Classical Loop
cRAVE-Key's Dance-WiP Miscellaneous Song
DKC2-Wahsp [NG Cut] Video Game Song
DKC2 Wasph Demo Video Game Song
<cRAVE> Run Techno Song
Hope in Freedom Trance Song
Its You Trance Song
HarvestMoonWinterMixWiP Trance Song
(DKC2)Happy GhostsWiP Video Game Song
Reminds me of F-Zero*loop* Techno Loop
Caught in Your Love (Loop) Ambient Loop
(dkc) Trance Temple (final) Video Game Song
BassBlaster WiP:2 Trance Song
Brambles MixUp DKC Video Game Song
KrooLh2oMegaMix DKC Video Game Song
Ape Escape:RainingLoop Video Game Loop
Snowman-DancingInTheAir(Final) Trance Song
Fly to the Sky(XtendedClubMix) Trance Song
A1 - WiP Trance Loop
DKC2-BramblesInEuphoria(Final) Video Game Song
Morrowind Rave Trance Loop
Fly to the Sky (Club Mix) Trance Song
Kroolentrancement(wip)dkc Dkc3 Video Game Song
DKC2~Catacombs~Preview Video Game Loop
Tinhead Trance -DKC3- WiP Trance Loop
Frosty Bark - DKC 1 & 3 Video Game Song
pokemon: Blue Summit Video Game Loop
Warmshine Drum N Bass Song
DKC2: Brambles WiP Video Game Song
Dare You Ambient Song
Best Said Love Video Game Song
Rave Castle-Ape Escape Video Game Song
EuroD Techno Song
=HoLy= Techno Song
Truely Ravtastic Techno Song
1211REV Techno Song
Rave in the Sky - Ape Escape Video Game Song
The Chill Video Game Song
PoChaos Video Game Song
Soyul Video Game Song